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With the DataPoint DM's Research indicator feature, you can easily investigate new parts and gather all the necessary information before releasing them to your catalog. This feature allows you to create new part numbers and label them as "research," giving you the opportunity to verify details and collect documents, emails, photos, specs, and more. When a part is marked as "research," it will not appear in your full catalog until you are ready to release it. Simply un-check the "research" box and the part number becomes live in your catalog, making it easy to manage the release of new parts and keep your catalog up-to-date. So, take control of your catalog data with the Research indicator feature in the DataPoint DM.


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Import ACES xml, .csv, and new catalog acquisitions seamlessly using the Data Manager (DM). The system features audit reports and a roll back feature to ensure precise and efficient imports, while also taking into account the VCDB, PADB, and PCDB for accurate data import

VCDB Lookup

The Data Manager (DM) is a tool that allows users to import and manage data, including ACES xml, .csv, and new catalog acquisitions. One of the benefits of using the DM is that it provides access to the entire application catalog. This means that users can view all the available applications and their corresponding data within the system.

Having access to the entire application catalog can be helpful in a number of ways. For example, users can compare different applications side by side to identify the most suitable one for their needs. They can also view the latest VCDB (vehicle configuration database) catalog and use this information to make informed decisions when mapping and answering questions.

Overall, the DM's access to the entire application catalog is a valuable resource that can help users make more informed and efficient decisions when working with data.

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