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KitComposer ACES Kit Builder

DPI KitComposer

Welcome to the world of kits!

As a supplier, you know that kits can be a powerful way to increase sales and drive customer loyalty. But building and maintaining a kit catalog can be a time-consuming and difficult task. That's where our KitComposer tool comes in. Our KitComposer tool is specifically designed to make building and maintaining your kit catalog a breeze. Whether you're a supplier of pre-boxed kits or virtual kits, our tool can help you take advantage of the latest sales opportunities and reduce maintenance costs.

Pre-Boxed Kits: If you're a supplier of pre-boxed kits, you know that deciding which parts to include in a kit can be a difficult task. You may have parts that sell well on their own, but don't perform as well in a kit. Or you may have parts that don't sell well on their own, but perform well in a kit. Our KitComposer tool can help you make these decisions with ease. Using our tool, you can build as many kits as you want and quickly see which parts perform well together. In one case study, a supplier using two parts in a kit increased VIO offering by 2x simply by adding new kits of existing parts.

irtual Kits: Virtual kits offer massive opportunities in eCommerce as the sales are driven by a catalog built from the individual parts. With our KitComposer tool, you can easily build and maintain your virtual kit catalog. Since the kit catalog is built from other catalogs, it can be easily updated as these "component" catalogs are updated, reducing maintenance and ensuring accuracy. And with no additional boxing and stocking expenses, you can offer a wide range of kits to your customers.
Our KitComposer tool uses business rules to assemble the kit and includes all necessary fitment notes, qualifiers, and other data to ensure the catalog is accurately built. With our tool, you can rebuild existing kit catalogs and publish the catalog to Amazon or any other platform of your choice.

Don't waste any more time building and maintaining your kit catalog manually. Try our KitComposer tool today and see the benefits for yourself.

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