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100% Automated Supplier Data Acquisition


The DataPoint Catalog Curator™

Introducing the DataPoint Catalog Curator, the premier customizable solution tailored exclusively for the automation of acquisition, processing, and distribution of ACES and PIES data in the automotive aftermarket. Our cutting-edge technology streamlines the data collection process for wholesale automotive parts businesses, saving valuable time and resources while enhancing the quality and accuracy of the data presented.

A primary obstacle within the wholesale automotive parts sector is the capability to efficiently manage and display ACES and PIES data from diverse suppliers to suit the requirements of the company's systems. The Catalog Curator effortlessly tackles this issue by automating the collection and processing of extensive ACES and PIES data from multiple sources while adapting to accommodate incoming data without necessitating any alterations in suppliers' methods. This enables businesses to expedite the introduction of their parts to the market, maintain control of the data shown to customers, and track changes among trading partners.

The Catalog Curator boasts additional features such as real-time deployment of net changes, seamless integration of OEM and VIO data, and automated updates to vehicle databases. Furthermore, it offers the ability to adjust digital assets, such as images and thumbnails, to meet each wholesaler's unique needs. By providing companies with comprehensive control over the content displayed to their customers, the Catalog Curator ensures they maintain coverage by automating the remapping process and adhering to industry-standard ACES and PIES formats.

Unlock the full potential of your ACES and PIES catalog data and elevate your business with the unrivaled capabilities of the DataPoint Catalog Curator. Experience streamlined data management, improved customer experience, and efficient data exchange with our innovative solution designed specifically for the automotive aftermarket industry.

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