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DPI Numbers

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Licensing with DPI and what this means to the manufacturer or importer.

DPI manages the standard numbing system that the entire industry uses commonly known as a “DPI Number” .


This number brings value to your product by its recognition.  An example would be if you have an internal number for example part number “abc123” you know and have published what vehicles the part fits, an image of the part and maybe even an OEM interchange to the part.  What you don’t have is industry recognition. That is where DPI comes in with real value. 


By going to a potential customer with a DPI number linked to your part number you have instant recognition. Your “abc123” becomes a DPI# 19. Your potential customer will not only recognize your part, but you have the power to set your part apart in the comparison.  It is a great way for you to gain market share with a line that people will already be familiar with based on the DPI number that you are licensing.


Licensing includes:

  • Listing your parts in our systems

  • Listing in the DPI master catalogs ™

  • DPIxpress Online ™

  • DPIXpress Desktop ™

  • Physical Licensing by way of a signed yearly certificate from DPI

  • Permission from DPI to use our number as your own or reference it in your publications and product packaging

Data Supply


We have the information that you need to

GROW your business! 


DPI is in the information business, We have been providing information to companies from overseas manufacturers to local shops…


Some of the information has been used for:

  • Wrenchhead ™

  • Epicor ™

  • Amazon ™

  • VIO Reporting

  • Web sites

  • In house catalogs

  • Loading inventory

  • Sales reports

  • Buying Comparisons

  • Interchanges

DPIXpress Electronic Catalog


Are you in the automotive cooling business?

Want to keep ahead of your competition?

Look up parts faster so you can get back to what really matters; MORE SALES! 


DataPoint Incorporated (DPI) gives you the ability to shop around without searching around. With more than 3,500 active radiator and condenser numbers at your fingertips, DPI's comprehensive master catalog lets you see full-line coverage including make, model, year, engine size and in most cases, labor times.


Get up-to-the-minute catalog information anytime!

 The DPIXpress catalog gives you continual access to the most comprehensive Radiator and A/C Condenser catalog in the industry right on your desktop!


Once you open the program you can:

  • All makes and models for every vehicle

  • Manufacturer cross reference/interchange information all in one convenient location

  • Multiple diagrams and specifications 

  • Import your store-specific pricing and vendor lists

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DPIXpress Online

Get up-to-the-minute catalog information anytime, anywhere.

The DPIXpress Online™ (DPI) web catalog gives you instant access to the most comprehensive Radiator and A/C Condenser catalog in the industry—even from the golf course on a Saturday afternoon.


 Once you log on to the secure site you can:

  • Search the database for manufacturer-specific pictures and diagrams

  • Access your store-specific pricing and vendor lists

  • Find phone numbers and contact information

  • All makes and models for every vehicle

  If you have an Internet connection, you have access.

Subscriptions include all updates.

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